Time-Consciousness part II.

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Time-Consciousness part II.

What is following is another fragment of our collaborator Mattia Confalonieri’s travelogue. For part 1, click here!

29.12.2014 Two days and we will be in 2015, a new year at the doors and everyone hoping for something good to come, wishes and desires arising and blowing in the air. If asked to ask for a wish I would say that I want to live the moment with consciousness always, enjoying all the experiences that are awaiting me with openness and curiosity. It’s too easy to require something material, it’s far more hard to think about something immaterial and work hard to make it happen, not waiting that the sky will rain it down on you. A calm breeze is in the air today here in Arusha, an heavy rain yesterday night and a short shower today has refreshed the minds and has cooled the temperature. For long time I’ve thought about the worries of the people over here and around Africa, the conclusion I got to is that they are continuously seeking for relax and are avoiding all the worries and stress brilliantly. When you can count one the mind spirit and a powerful smile it gets really hard to become stressed and everything just flows down. This mental status help to live the moments with distension, a fundamental component of our lives and it should be taken as an example from the fast-moving and hard-working Western countries. I’m sure that going slow, as the Black President Fela Kuti was singing, would help people to focus a bit more on the important factors of life and less on the new arising problems that are affecting society nowadays. The right rhythm and the mind attitude are strong capabilities of the Tanzanian people, often you need to address them on the right path, or to tell them when to accelerate just a little, to achieve the target. Firstly you need to enter inside their way of thinking and then you can start working with them, that’s what I’m trying to do “taratibu taratibu”, slowly slowly.

05/01/2015 Every increase in food production will lead to a population growth. Countries where the majority of the food production is concentrated are also the countries where it’s more expensive to raise a child and where the growth rate of the population is lower. In Tanzania, where poverty is surely an alarming factor, agriculture is accounting for the 24.5% of the gross domestic product, provides 85% of exports and accounts for half of the employed workforce. Despite the widespread poverty the population is growing and growing with an accelerating rhythm and the number of mouths demanding for food is consequently increasing. This happens eventually because it’s much cheaper to raise a child in Tanzania that it is to raise a child in a modern developed country. A family composed of five kids is considered a benefit in African countries and is considered a debt and a huge risk in western families, where hardly the new born will contribute for the family pockets. The results of this, at the moment never ending process, are leading the emergent countries to a gradual development that would bring them at the same stage where the western countries are now, and still there will be the starving millions of people that won’t have enough food. People nowadays are worried about having enough, enough food, enough belongings, enough work to do. We are satisfied, we are settle with the material needs that we satisfy in our daily lives. In developing countries you see people bowing in the same direction we did and that make me really sad, this perpetual movement of needs, thoughts and behaviors are undermining the natural balance and equilibrium of the world we live on, it’s natural rhythms. What is needed is a drastic change in the human minds, with time I’m confident that there will be an enlightenment in all our minds, moving the focus on the most important issues of our world, its sustainability, it’s people happiness and it’s marvelous biodiversity. A good starting point would be getting together and resonate on all this aspects, looking what stage we have reached and what are the consequences being, in order to start working on how to reestablish the world natural equilibriums, we are part of this world, it doesn’t belong to us, we belong to it and its beauty.

06.01.2015 I’ve been in Tanzania almost for a month, in this period of time fascinating has been the welcome that the country gave me and interesting has been seeing how I’ve approached to it. Since the beginning I decided to live this experience living it day by day, leaving aside any expectation or pre – concept and this is still my approach to this experience. I open my mind as much as I can to enter inside the local living dynamics and to share spontaneous thoughts with people and sometime shockingly I see that some of them are afraid of diversity. They are afraid of the diverse me, looking at them you can clearly perceive that someone don’t like it that much. Considering that a really vast majority of the people over here have never traveled outside his country, have never putted himself in the conditions of the person in movement, living an experience alone, perhaps, so that they could see things from a different point of view, not being in their country but being in a different and “uncomfortable” environment. Their eyes have always glanced at the same things, people, places and just a minority of people usually can deal spontaneously and accept diversity. Diversity is for me a fundamental aspect of the everyday life, it’s the pure beauty of life, the element that keep the minds curiosity alive and draw the kaleidoscopic pattern of Mother Culture. It’s the voice that tell us that each and everyone of us is different, has something unique, any element in nature is carrier of something special that help us to connect together and feel the energy that surround us and allow us to connect with human beings and with natural elements. My mission is to raise high up the diversity flag and contribute to some minds changing process, showing people how incredibly different we are and at the same time how easily we can get close together and share the beautiful life instants.

07.01.2015 Riding through the coffee plantation it’s such a wonderful feeling, a therapeutic exercise that I’ll start doing with more continuity. A marvelous composition of multicolor tropical flowers, green coffee trees, all lined up and a mix of incredibly ancient “Kigelia Africana” that complete the floral mix surrounding me. There is something fascinating about riding the bike, a sensation of discovery that grows as you pedal in a new place, on new routes, if it’s a path you already know it helps to put the thoughts all together, kind of like a net to catch thoughts, thus still a discovering journey that relax the mind and exercise the body. There is also an innate way of being with cyclists, even here in Arusha, a sense of esteem that galvanizes the cyclist and the person that greets him. Things are different if you’re walking on a street and different would be the reaction between two people among them unknown, they rarely greet each other usually. Over here in Tanzania is extremely common to greet unknown people and this is a beautiful factor, it’s even more exciting if you are riding with a light and a stunning sundown on the horizon. A month is almost over here in this Nature Sanctuary that is Tanzania. It has been a month of integration into a new environment, a month of trying to exchange opinions and sensations with the local community, a month of training within the new working environment, dealing with safaris, tour guides and camp administration. I’m really happy for this ongoing adventure and I’m glad I decided to accept this experience that is allowing me to live in a different way within a different and fascinating environment. A deep breath, fresh air is coming in, plenty of space for new stimulating thoughts, time to acknowledge and enjoy moment by moment, giving thanks to life, the people around you, the ground beneath your feet and all the elements that interacts with you.

09.01.2015 Love yourself, observe and gain consciousness of how love is fundamental to your life. The only way to love yourself is to be egoistic, to focus on your person firstly, feed it with love and only consequently you will become altruistic and you’ll share your love. Osho was an interesting mind, reading his words it’s like meditate, enter into a different dimension and levitate pondering his ideas. Awareness to man is a key element that let the thoughts growing wise. So far here in Arusha I didn’t spend enough time meditating and practicing yoga, I’m going to increase the daily routine of exercises in order to improve and stimulate the observation and the relaxation. Two days divide me from the journey to the Serengeti National Park, Sunday I’ll flight to Seronera Airstrip, within the park, and I’ll go working for five days for the tented camp I’m working for, nestled 65km from the Southern Gate of the world wildlife sanctuary, Serengeti National Park. The park covers an area of 14,750 km2 of grassland plains, savanna, riverine forest and woodlands. The park is home to 1,5 millions of mammals, including the big five: lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, buffalos and cheetahs and boasts about 500 bird species, including ostrich, secretary bird, Kori bustard, crowned crane, marabou, stork, martial eagle, lovebirds and many species of vultures. Because of its biodiversity and ecological significance, the park has been listed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization as a World Heritage Site. Amidst this endless plains I’ll seek inspiration and I’ll feed the soul with new essential natural energy. I’ll bring along with me my immortal video camera and a camera to catch as much savanna fragments as I can and add material to the storage of videos and pictures I’m piling up. I’m groping a bit with my Swahili but I’m satisfied for the language progress I made. With a stunning shining and sunny day like this Friday in Arusha I’ll go for a ride just after work, with travel companion the warm horizon and the smiling spirit of the local people. Love yourself and “SAMBAZA UPENDO” (Spread Love). Siringit – Endless Magic.

11.01.2015 Writing from the tent here amidst the endless plains of the Serengeti, in the central area of Makoma, it’s an amazing inhalation of pure soulful energy that comes from the stunning environment of this beautiful area and its remarkable natural balance, biologic paradise, home of biodiversity. I landed with a Coastal flight from Arusha piloted by an Italian gentleman, and arrived in Seronera airstrip around 2.30pm. First drive in the park with Jimmy and we spotted hippos, beautiful elephants, giraffes, waterbucks and other antelopes. Many wonderful birds flying in the sky and between the plains, a mix of terrific colors. The first impressions about the camp are positive, a lot of improvements to be done but the staff is well organized, welcoming and there are the basis for good cooperation and progresses to be made. Amazing the food cooked by Dastan, the chef, spaghetti alla Bolognese for dinner, that makes you feel like you are eating in Italy. Love is leading the way, awareness of soul balance and let consciousness grow within your spirit.

12.01.2015 Sounds, rumors, perfumes, sights, create a unique experience of a drive within the park. Leaving early in the morning with Jimmy for the game drive, we had an incredible journey in the endless plains. A spectacular mix of birds, colorful and nice singer birds, lazy hippos “swimming” in the swamps, slightly less lazy and hungry elephants, together with a one day old cub. A natural magic connection with a mama cheetah and her fluffy four babies. Lions lay on a rock and sleeps under the tree shade, a leopard chills on a tree, pending like a sausage tree fruit. An injection of nature and its strength, its beauty that shows how badly we are treating this world. I was wondering today how we would feel if someone is going to look at us in the same way we look at these animals, if we were the attraction of someone how would we react. Maybe we are already the attraction of someone, the animals themselves. We are still the only species that thinks to be above the gods, in our hands, doing whatever in our power to rule and conquer the world. I take example from this truly unique and peaceful natural heaven.

13.01.2015 Being surrounded by all this beauty it’s such an amazing concentrate of positive energy that your body and mind can collect. Waking up in the tent, walking to the toilet and you’re already immerse in the bush mentality, unique here in the Serengeti. Light rays warm up your morning face and with fresh water you begin your day in the bush. Incredible birds with a joyful voice sing your waking up melody and fly with you while you walk to the mess tent. Today after a great breakfast I cooked a ragù for two friendly clients at the camp. They appreciated a lot and it always make you happy to stimulate the appetite of other people. I’m getting closer with the team here at the camp and along with Osho I’m understanding the importance of loving yourself, focusing on the path that leads to a full understanding of your person. Obviously a smile remain my powerful tool to spread love around. Stay conscious!

14.01.2015 I’ve prepared lasagna in the middle of the bush with Dastan and I’ve been appreciated by a group of twelve, well experienced and seasoned, Italian eaters. After chatting with Martin and Albert, two friendly guides, I’ve joined the group for a safari. Always a nice feeling to go on a game drive in this paradise, pure air, animals roaming freely. Not many today tough, a leopard and two lioness the most big spotted. The wind cool your face, the acacia tree looks great with a wonderful red sun completing the savanna ambientation. Black Italian discovering the Serengeti, reggae melodies at Nieleze, I keep smiling even if my lovely and dated Sony video camera decided to abandon me today. I still have some hope, maybe it’s time to go for a new one. A traveler mind is something unique, observe, store the experience inside and love every moment of this beautiful life. The world to explore is still asking for new sustainable projects.

19.01.2015 Ten days has passed from the last time typing on my laptop. The bush life in the endless Serengeti was the treatment I was needing after 1 month working inside the office walls. Coming back to Arusha after this working journey, with leisure moments, feels so good. I’m getting confident with the roads, I’m slowing gaining some basic Swahili conversational skills and I’m experiencing a truly thoughtful experience here in Tanzania. Just today I focused on the approach to life of the Tanzanians, it is undoubtedly stuffed with calm, relaxation and interested in people life. Then I thought about how interesting will be going back to the Western world and compare the two realities, will be at that moment that an interesting sociologic analysis could be developed. I’m benefiting from the spirit and the way of doing things here in Tanzania, keeping a developed and sustainable mind and eye set, gained after years of travelling and studying. On the cooking storyline of my life I wrote a legendary page. For the birthday of a friend of mine I’ve cooked with his help for 25 people, four trays of lasagna the menu, an afternoon of work in the kitchen and the satisfaction to see 25 happy faces at the end of the meal. Inside of me awareness arise, I’m molding a developed pair of eyes, focusing on the love inside me and its enchanting power. Where life is going to drive me I don’t know yet, on the path of this fascinating journey I’m the writer of the story and its twists. I’m sincere with myself, travelling is the core of my life, the movement is my addiction and the curiosity the element that keeps me alive. I’m like a sailor at the helm of my life, the horizon shine and is ready to show me the world.

21/01/2015 I don’t lose focus to my mission, I roam freely around Arusha town and, in order to disconnect from the office working routine, I really enjoy riding the bicycle among the green fields and coffee plantations. The key is to priorities your interests, find time to do the activities you love and that makes you feeling good. For me writing, reading, running and cycling, singing, float into music and cooking are the things I need to include in my daily life. I’m living a constant meditation about future projects that I want to develop. The thing I’m quite sure about is that I really want to live within a community, a group of people moved by new minds that put sustainability as their goal and that wants to promote and valorize the culture and the beauties of this world. I want to work a land, respecting the nature rhythms develop a place where people can work together, share their experience and put happiness on top of the wishes list. Arusha today feel like a blues riff from a John Lee Hooker song, embroiling and melodic. People jumping on and off from the daladalas, crazy Korean engine cockroaches that dominates the roads. Street seller knock on the window trying to sell maps, immense trucks loaded with fruits arrive at the local market and the African styled sale for daily bread begins. Tiny little babies, suspended on the back of their mother with a band, shows sweet expressions, while they are transported for the ordinary stroll around town. Meditating and concentrating on the center I let these fluctuations, these events enrich my journey.