Ganesha; Ganesha; colui che rimuove gli ostacoli!

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<!--:en-->Ganesha; <!--:--><!--:it-->Ganesha; colui che rimuove gli ostacoli!<!--:-->

Con Viverealtrimenti e’ appena uscito un libricino in inglese (presto svilupperemo una versione in inglese di questo sito, con in evidenza il rispettivo catalogo, in via di implementazione): Ganesha; remover of obstacles. L’autrice e’ Pragya Dwivedi, di un’importante famiglia di dotti bramini di Delhi (qui il suo profilo). Il libro e’ una raccolta di preghiere ed invocazioni alla divinita’ hindu Ganesha, figlio di Shiva e Parvati, noto per la singolare testa di elefante. Ganesha e’ una divinita’ fondamentalmente benevola e viene invocato soprattutto quando ci sono ostacoli piu’ o meno importanti da superare. Presto sara’ disponibile una versione in italiano di questo testo, con prefazione di Manuel Olivares, autore del recente Yoga dal’autentica tradizione indiana, versione italiana del suo Yoga based on authentic Indian traditions. Pragya Diwedi sara’ inoltre autrice, se il benevolo Ganesha l’aiutera’ a superare gli imprevedibili ostacoli che potrebbe incontrare, di altri due testi su altrettante divinita’ del pantheon hindu: Shiva e Durga. I due testi, assieme a quello gia’ pubblicato su Ganesha, comporranno una peculiare trilogia. Di seguito l’introduzione al testo di Ganesha; buona lettura (almeno a coloro che conoscano l’inglese).

Lord Ganesha is the auspicious one, the universal benefactor, the remover of obstacles: the Vighnaharta. He is the Lord of new beginnings,of prosperity, of happiness and well being. All of us face difficulties,stress and impasse in ourlives. This is true today more than ever before. These blocks impede our paths to success and prosperity, often impacting on our health, happiness and finance. Lord Ganesha is the one who when invoked stands by us and removes these difficulties in our lives. He holds our hand, to lead us from the darkness of ignorance to light. The core of India’s rich spiritual tradition is personified by Lord Ganapati: the God who is worshipped before all other Gods. In these times he is the most popular deity with innumerable forms. His form is visible in different shake and sizes everywhere. He’s truly an artist’s never ending delight. He is omnipresent, gracing wedding cards, homes, offices, even our cars. He touches every aspect of our lives with an expression of playfulness and joy. Lord Ganesha has an ageless wisdom and mantras invoking him are potent words of ancient wisdom. The mantras sung in his praise encapsulate all the power of the universe. As we chant Ganesha mantras, given in this selected collection, we find solutions to problems that confront us every day. The mantras to Ganesha have a unique quality and their chanting brings us wisdom and success. That is why Laxmi, the Goddes of Wealth, is always worshiped with Ganapati,because one can neither amass wealth nor keep it for long if one does not possess the necessary wisdom. It is not only material prosperity and physical good health that Ganesha brings to us. He also softens the dictates of Karma and encourages the ways of Dharma into our hearts. Chanting of some specific mantras opens up our spiritual paths, leading to a higher consciousness. Praying to Lord Ganesha is a certain way of turning life’s tide in one’s favour; circumstances start changing for the better, unexpected gains arrive and the worshipper is filled with an increasing realisation of his or her own innate potential for good. Lord Ganesha represents the eternal sound of Aum, which is said to augment the beginning of the Universe. He is, therefore, the God worshipped before all auspicious events in our lives. Even the other Gods bow to him before embarking on all ventures. There are numerous myths surrounding Ganesha’s birth. One myth surrounding the Lord of New Beginnings “is that when there was a tussle between the Gods and the Goddesses as to whose name should be taken first it was decided to hold a race around the Universe. All the deities – after taking Shiva’s blessing – went off on their various vehicles. Ganesha, whose mythical chariot is the mouse, sat at the feet of Lord Shiva and pondered on his course of action. Suddenly it dawned on him that the Universe was right there in Lord Shiva. He promptly walked around his father Shiva and said to the astounded deities that I have completed the race since Shiva is the Universe and I have walked around him”. And the core of our spirituality lies the chanting of mantras. Ganesha mantras are powerful healers both of the body and the spirit. If chanted with devotion the mantras can completely alter one’s life condition. The constant repetition of mantras purifies the mind. It is like running fresh water continually in a container full of discoloured water. The japa cleanses the mind of impurities with its pure, pristine vibrations. While reciting any mantra it is important to chant it at least 108 times, which are the number of beads used by Hindus while praying. These beads are usually made of Tulsi or Rudraksha, both signs of purity. Ganesha mantras are Siddhi mantras whose chanting is life transforming. The mantras protect our homes from evil spirits, giving us abundance and success. Starting today and in the days to come you will notice how Lord Ganesha answers questions and solves problems through the course of your daily life. Slowly, subtly but definitely, he will influence events and decisions in an unseen manner. Unexpected doors will open. Removing every obstacle, he willl propel you towards a glorious future.