Viverealtrimenti is an Italian neologism meaning: living in another manner. Viverealtrimenti, as a publishing and networking project, has been active in Italy for more than ten years. We have published books about communal living, alternative and sustainable lifestyles, religion and spirituality. We have created a good network involving individuals, intentional-ecological and religious communities, cultural and voluntary associations and NGOs mostly in Italy, the UK and India. At the moment this English section of our website is still in progress and we cannot offer much contents. We are working hard to develop a couple of crucial publishing projects and to share some interesting information in our blog. In this “mature phase” of our project, we are mostly focusing on religion and spirituality and one purpose of this website is to promote what we can consider interesting literature on these topics. It is available in our catalogue, displayed in the home page. The idea of a project called Viverealtrimenti (Living in a different manner) dates back to 2008 and to an inspiring stay in Goa (India). At the beginning Viverealtrimenti was just a blog, then, in 2010, it became a small publishing house and a networking project.

Today we are working hard to produce books in English, in particular, we are focusing on two important publishing projects. Check regularly our blog to stay up-to-date.