The Living Thoughts of Gotama the Buddha

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The Living Thoughts  of Gotama the Buddha

This second edition is of incalculable value for its selection of text taken from the Buddha’s own statements, as translated from Pali texts. It includes selections such as: Causality, The Deathless and the Incomposite, Training of the Soul, and Relationship with Others.


Ananda Kentish Coomaraswamy, (born Aug. 22, 1877, Colombo, Ceylon—died Sept. 9, 1947, Needham, Mass., U.S.), pioneer historian of Indian art and foremost interpreter of Indian culture to the West. He was concerned with the meaning of a work of art within a traditional culture and with examining the religious and philosophical beliefs that determine the origin and evolution of a particular artistic style. A careful scholar, he also established an art historical framework for the study of the development of Indian art.

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