Ganesha; remover of obstacles

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Indian divinity Lord Ganesha is depicted as the auspicious one, the universal benefactor, the remover of obstacles: the Vighnaharta.
As the Lord of new beginnings, of prosperity, of happiness and well being, the one who when invoked stands by us and removes these difficulties in our lives.

Prayers In the times of grief, restlessness and difficulties we often turn to God to help overcome our sorrow or remove the obstacles blocking our paths. Perhaps not so often we remember God. When our lives are smooth, successful and filled with joy and happiness. To express our emotions through prayers, which is a powerful form. A powerful form of communication with the inner world. We bring you a section of prayers to Lord Vighnaharta. Ruler of obstacles, for guidance and inspiration. This is something through life’s offering of it’s many challenges.

Pragya Dwivedi Varma, former Executive Director at United Nations Global Compact Network, India, lives in New Delhi. Ganesha, remover of obstacles is her first book with Viverealtrimenti.

Soon available in Italian too; presto disponibile anche in italiano

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