A Guide to an Eco-Conscious Ramadan

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A Guide to an Eco-Conscious Ramadan

Allah Almighty chose the blessed month of Ramadan to surround us with His countless blessings and for us to appreciate His bounties.
Ramadan allows worshippers to focus their minds on the devotion to their faith through prayers, expressing gratitude, seeking forgiveness and helping the needy. In this month we have a greater urge and desire to perform good deeds.


“Which of your Lord’s favours will you deny?”
Quran 55:13


Fasting is an act of worship, as well as a way to learn patience and to break away from bad habits.
However, in this era of modernity, the focus seems to have shifted from the vast benefits of fasting during the blessed month to a more materialistic outlook, for example, what to buy, where to eat and how much to eat.
In Ramadan, we tend to become more extravagant when it comes to food and the use of resources.
Wastage levels can escalate due to a variety of factors ranging from a commercialisation of the holy month to the
generosity of hosts who produce too much food for events. We find that we are using more water than usual for wudu as we’re feeling more spiritual, and we tend to use our cars more for regular shopping trips.
Allah Almighty has gifted us the earth as a place to live, He has created each living organism for a precise purpose and created every natural process for a reason.
When you are given a gift, it is not something which is discarded, rather it is treasured and you appreciate the giver of the gift.


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Eco Guide to Ramadan